Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kenneth Anderson's grave in Bangalore

Kenneth Anderson (1910–1974) was an Indian writer and hunter who wrote many books about his adventures in the jungles of South India. He also had a son Donald (Don) Anderson who still goes out to enjoy the jungles he and his father once roamed in. He lives in Bangalore and still loves the jungles and all the wildlife found in it. Join us on Facebook here -

On his gravestone you read:

Author and friend to all the wild animals and little birds.

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Books written by Kenneth Anderson

  • Nine Maneaters And One Rogue (1954)
  • The Black Panther of Sivanipalli and Other Adventures of the Indian Jungle (1959)
  • Jungles Long Ago
  • Man Eaters and Jungle Killers
  • Tiger Roars
  • Tales from the Indian Jungle
  • This is the Jungle
  • The Call of the Man Eater


  1. Great Work... You will be always in the heart of many GOD's creation.

  2. You are my inspiration.......

  3. Really wonderful man with exceptional talents as a hunter and writer.The books he wrote have such a flow of thoughts,events and description with all those little details and mimics of jungle sounds,that one wants to read them again and again.

  4. my this cemetery near Shantinagar? I
    work quite nearby and have passed this place just
    about everyday on my afternoon walk for the last
    12 years. Always been a huge fan of Kenneth
    Anderson. Big respect to a wonderful human being
    and great author.

  5. the man who saved the mankind of our south india...! hats offffff.......

  6. Where in Bangalore is his grave would like to visit someday.............Great man, Great work................your work will live forever......

  7. As a teen I read Kenneth Anderson's books. Amazing description of India forests, Indian people and culture. A great man he is more an Indian then British. It appeared to me in his works he considered himself and rather identified himself as an Indian. Did great service to the Indian people and its culture. Kenneth Anderson will never be forgotten by Indian people.

  8. A great man and a great writer. Hope to meet his son some day.. hats off sir.. :)

  9. i have read all his books and what an experience he must have undergone and the same is felt when going through his books! A keen observer and lover of nature, who was an asset and lived a life of a yogi living in forests. i would like to meet Mr Donald Anderson, his son,who is also like his father. Ragothaman

  10. Great Personality like his counterpart Jim Corbett.

  11. Great man knows indian jungles more than anyone .

  12. As a teenager at school I got my insights into the forests of north India through over 5 books of the Late Jim Corbett & just one book of the Late Kenneth Andersion'Nine Man Eaters & One Rogue' gave me the insights of the jungles of south India.I pay my respects to these noble souls!

    Darayas R. Irani,Ratnagiri.

  13. I wish Kenneth Anderson is like Mahatma. He should have been honored with Bharat Ratna.... K. Umashanker, Tirupati.

  14. From his descriptions we indeed come to know how much of forest cover is lost for ever......!!! Very unfortunate that greed & population explosion added with stupid policies of successive govts have left little or nothing of forests to the future generations. I wish I were born in early 40s

  15. I admire this wonderful man for his courage and also for his penmanship. I have read all his books except one & never get tired of reading them over and over. I wish him good hunting wherever he is, and Don I am sure you are very proud of your father and rightly so.